What is Iaaras2’s Personality Type?

There is a fundamental contradiction or opposition at the core of your personality, but it does not shatter your integrity. However, it causes your inner world to be complex, divided, or even torn, without ever being totally dissociated, because every thought and action is a source of unification. As a result, intellectually you are a talented syncretist. You are able to see the link between heterogeneous and diverse elements which do not appear to be related in the least. You can bring about surprising reconciliation, create unexpected bonds, combine beliefs which seem mutually incompatible. Your imaginative powers also flow from the division in your psyche and are evidenced by inspirations, visions, and abilities which exceed the context of logic and reasoning. You allow yourself to be guided by irrational phenomena like foreshadowing or premonitions, which well up from the depths of your being. You are more of a medium than an intuitive, because intuition requires a clear consciousness of reality. You are borne along by currents and tides of knowledge and live in symbiosis with forces which overwhelm you. In fact, it is because of this relative passivity that you are more or less a medium, because you wish merely to perceive what surrounds you; you have no wish to impose your will. Although this attitude endows you with great potential for productivity, it may also become dangerous, if you find yourself overpowered by forces you can never totally control. You tend to perceive things as undifferentiated; you do not always see the world as an organized, structured, hierarchical entity. Instead, you are sensitive to energy flows, to invisible forces which you perceive and try to interpret. Your consciousness knows no bounds, and you do not feel confined by either space or time. But the image of the infinite imprinted on your imagination has a tendency to manifest itself with a lack of definition, in most of your thoughts and acts. In relation to other people, you usually demonstrate warmth and humanism. You are a fairly pleasant companion, although your sensitivity can be annoying at times. You tend to identify with your friends to a great degree, instead of remaining apart and empathetic. In fact, you are capable of losing yourself in another person at times. You should take time to reflect upon the quality of what you bestow on others and on whom you bestow it. You would doubtless come to the conclusion that your devotion is motivated by guilt feelings; your giving is a way of escaping from yourself, and your broad tolerance sometimes merely hides a weak character. Your basic aptitude for compassion could inspire

Due to the influence of Taurus rising, I have an easily harnessed but straightforward and pragmatic temperament, which thrives on stability. The sense of touch is primordial to me, and I have a special feeling for physical contact with textures and sensations. While I might grapple with insecurity, I am Epicurean and sensual. I am attracted and aroused by a partner’s physical charms. Although age has brought me accomplishment and respect, the trade-off could be a loss of spontaneity. My true nature yearns to be set free, so I must build a secure setting for myself in which I can relax, to let go of life’s burdens and rediscover the lustier pleasures of life. If my work draws upon my intellectual motivations, it can become a source of real pleasure for me. It is almost as though a physical bond formed between my productions and myself. However, here again my feelings of insecurity can trap me into being anxious. My best match is to a partner with Scorpio characteristics; their social vision and inspiration would broaden the horizon and scope of my activities.

Iaaras2 is dynamic. It needs to attract admiration and release its excess energy.

Iaaras2 enjoys the company of others and feels fulfilled when she belongs to a group.

At the time of your birth, your rising sign was located in Taurus (the Bull), while the sun was passing through the sign of Pisces (the Fish). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide your personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of your character and indicate certain contradictions which may create tension:

Hypersensitivity – Opposition to progress – Pliancy – Compassion – Humility and reserve – Perseverance – Idealism – Pragmatism – Productivity – Intuition – Sensuality – Premonition.

A complacent and steady character is softened by lively psychic sensitivity and an ability to absorb surrounding influences. Above all, you are very sensitive to expressions of affection (or lack thereof), and will allow them to govern your behavior and actions. Because of your extreme sensitivity to suffering, you are full of compassion and try to protect the weak and defenseless. A sensual character appreciative of beauty, your artistic tastes are highly developed, and both your creative and compositional abilities are resources which deserve refinement. In your relationship to the real world, your common sense is honed by your intuition and inspiration, and then altered by your sensitivity.

Iaaras2 was born on the third day after the full moon rose. Due to the soli-lunar configuration of her moon, Iaaras2 has an objective, rational character, as well as a more idealistic penchant. However, due to the opposing energies of the moon and the sun, Iaaras2 experiences practical and social difficulties at times due to her two different tendencies. At times, Iaaras2 is too demanding of herself or others, and at others, she is too nonchalant and indulgent about life. As a result, Iaaras2 vacillates between two poles, one being elitist and the other more earthy. Generally speaking, Iaaras2’s monthly energy flow is strongest at the time of the full moon. This would be a good time for her to schedule intensive work phases, as well as ambitious and demanding projects.

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