What is H3ycharlie’s Personality Type?

He has a good balance between his need for movement and his tendency to be sedentary. He is just as likely to adapt to situations which require outbursts of initiative as to those which demand patience and perseverance.

Due to the influence of Scorpio rising, H3ycharlie has a powerful, forthright nature with a penchant for possessiveness, be it material, mental, or spiritual. His own mind proceeds from a fairly skeptical, steadfast viewpoint, but he is curious about and critical of different ideas. His biting wit could betray him in his ambition to make something great of himself by serving other people. His spirit also gives him the potential to be a gifted investigator and diagnostician in any field. He is a keen strategist and has all the qualities needed to manage a group and lead it to some great accomplishment. His other natural resources are his rigid and unilateral determination, his capacity for self-control, and the stubbornness and energy with which he faces obstacles.

Hycharlie thrives on relating to other people. He cannot live without love!

He has a somewhat secretive personality; he is tempted if not compelled to live a somewhat withdrawn life.

Third person (H3ycharlie): At the time of your birth, your rising sign was located in Scorpio (the Scorpion), while the sun was passing through the sign of Leo (the Lion). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide your personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of your character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Pugnacity – Charisma – Determination – Dignity – Pride and self-assurance – Shrewdness – Superiority – Concentration – Brilliance – Optimism – Generosity – Common sense – Optimistic mind.

Assertive and generous on a royal scale, you have a temperament that demands initiative and leadership. Predestined for great conquests and important battles, you have created a faith all your own. It is there that your abilities for concentration, organization, and work find their best opportunity for expression.

Your propensity for self focus hides weak areas you would do well to explore within yourself.

You hold the promise of great success, as long as you simplify and soften your ideals, ridding them of any selfish motivations.

Hycharlie was born in the three days after the rising of the new moon, which is said to be a “new moon” lunar type. This configuration gives her a subjective character, somewhat impulsive and sometimes emotive. Generally, she does not see the world in objective terms; instead, she bases her attitude on the feelings various situations arouse inside her. Likewise, in human relationships, she tends to project her imaginary reality onto others instead of seeing them for what they are. As a result, her judgements and reasoning are sometimes deprived of perspective. She may want to make an effort to refrain from overinterpreting other people’s actions, because, being the product of her imagination in most cases, her interpretations are mistaken. If she applies herself to listening more openly, people may reveal their deeper motivations. She’ll be happier and more effective as a result.

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