What’s Devin Haney’s Dominant Astrological Sign?

Devin Haney, the first dominant in your astral chart, is a very significant figure. This is because Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and thus has a very strong influence on our lives. As the first dominant, Devin Haney represents this planet’s influence in your life.

In traditional astrology, Jupiter has always been considered as the Great Benefactor, the planet of luck and success such as personal fortune, social prominence, professional prestige, high political position. The Jupiterian bounty is peerless! In psychological terms, this planet has a much vaster significance. As the biggest planet in the solar system, it does preside over the process of personal expansion, interpreted to be fitting into society better and finding an appropriate match between one’s individual ambitions and the aspirations of the group.

This growth is accompanied by a feeling of self-confidence, which, in turn, buoys up an even greater externalization and expansion of the ego – hence the planet’s flattering reputation. But this snowball effect (Jupiter smiles and the world smiles with you), in which social skills magnify confidence and boldness reaps many rewards, betrays the negative side of Jupiter: extreme and excess.

Although grandeur was the characteristic of the “king of the gods,” errors of judgment, poor taste, and sometimes selfishness and pride are also likely to be part of the Jupiterian package. It is important to note that the extension of the ego may be a form of escape; it is tempting to hide behind one’s popularity and social success, which are fairly easy to obtain, rather than be really demanding with oneself. The Jupiterian has a tendency to amplify qualities out of compensation, to avoid seeing weaknesses and flaws. As a result, Devin Haney must be aware of the risk of over-identifying with your social mask, which would cause you to neglect your inner self and deep nature.

The second dominant in Devin Haney’s astral chart is Mars. This indicates that Mars plays an important role in Devin Haney’s life.

In the Greek tradition, Mars or Aries was the god of war. Traditional astrology associates Devin Haney with the element fire, the color red, and the taste of bitterness. Although it also symbolizes the elder brother in the cosmic family, it is more likely to be associated with declared enemies or adversaries. Martian morphology is typically virile, angular, and athletic and corresponds to aggressive, domineering, masculine behavior. Likewise, Mars is usually associated with rage, its resultant brutality, and male destructiveness and domination.

Psychologically, Mars figures in any situation of conflict, opposition, and confrontation. Martian symbolism intervenes to separate, oppose, and decide and corresponds to duels, war, and any situation in real life which involves confronting an obstacle. Individuals who are greatly influenced by Mars are typically direct and straightforward—either unabashedly extroverted or furiously introverted. They are extremely active and extremely emotive. Their purpose in life seems to be inextricably mingled with a combat against an unacceptable situation, a challenge which they either issue or are forced to accept.

The moon being the third dominant in Devin Haney’s astral chart indicates that they are highly influenced by their emotions and feelings. They are also very intuitive and have a strong connection to the subconscious mind. The moon’s energy is also very nurturing and supportive, which helps to balance out the other planets in the chart.

As the second light of the solar system, the moon has always been associated with the sun in the minds of men. The moon and sun are the primordial cosmic couple. This satellite of the earth, which mysteriously waxes and wanes, has been compared to the eternal feminine principle, the mother hovering over Devin Haney’s infant’s cradle. Psychologically, the moon is thus symbolic of the mother and the mother image. This figure is a primordial element in the psyche of each individual. Depending on Devin Haney’s nature, the mother figure may correspond to Devin Haney’s biological mother, a grandmother, or a woman who cared for Devin Haney in infancy and childhood.

When Devin Haney reaches adulthood, this mother-figure and all the emotions and bonds associated with Devin Haney may be transferred to something else: a spouse, a companion, an institution, a church, corporation, or political movement, a cult, etc. In short, any individual or structure likely to take on the mother’s duty of caring for and nurturing the vulnerable aspects of an individual.

To be more down-to-earth, the mother figure corresponds to the habits which were learned and then definitively incorporated into the individual’s identity as Devin Haney gradually became acculturated and progressed toward social independence. As a result, a strongly “lunar” personality often finds it difficult to adapt and is uncomfortable outside the secure setting of familiar routines.

Closely tied to Devin Haney’s past, Devin Haney may be unwilling to detach Devin Haney from it and embark on Devin Haney’s life as an individual in the here and now. Devin Haney still identifies somewhat with Devin Haney’s inner child and may display a child’s capricious behavior, indulging in moodiness and indecision. Devin Haney’s passivity may make Devin Haney easily influenced, Devin Haney’s sensitivity makes Devin Haney subjective, and Devin Haney hesitates to open up and lay Devin Haney’s soul bare. In Devin Haney’s daily life, psychic activity will rule. Devin Haney’s imagination, memory, sensitivity, sensation, and sentiment nearly overwhelm Devin Haney’s psyche.

The fifth house is an area of the sky which is especially important in Devin Haney’s theme, because it contains several planets, including the one which rules Devin Haney’s rising sign. In the following paragraph, we shall explain the general meaning of this fact.

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