What does Brynny’s psychology tell us about them?

Brynny seems passive and more or less resigned to her fate, including her insecurity. Actually, she is fairly introverted and withdrawn, trying to make sense out of her inner confusion and fathom her inner depths.

You may be subject to mood swings, going from phases of frenzy combined with a feeling of omnipotence and exaltation to phases of apathy and inertia. During your “highs,” your behavior is vigorous and dynamic, but it is also likely to be somewhat excessive. These periods tend to be interspersed with “lows,” phases of sluggishness and inhibition, which compensate for your immense need to assert yourself as an individual. How can you find a way out of this vicious cycle which uses up so much of your energy? You would have to understand that the source of your attitudes and behavior is an unconscious desire for power. We suggest that you meditate upon power, skills, mastery, challenge, desire, and need, your brothers (or brother substitutes, such as friends, cousins, or classmates) – who are key figures – and your adversaries. This should enlighten you. Of course, once you have a clear awareness of your career ambitions and profound desires, you are sure to have plenty of energy to accomplish them.

Brynny has an inalienable awareness of the void and the vanity of existence. She is sometimes disoriented and deconstructed by an unknowable, unconscious force and tends to ignore or disparage the superficial pleasures and pains of daily life, preferring to dive into the depths of human experience as deeply as her intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capacities permit. Grappling with her “fundamental nature,” with the deepest and most primitive part of herself, she is sometimes aghast at the discovery of the sheer power of the life instinct and feels an imperious need to cope with it. This special consciousness she has been endowed with is somewhat beyond the bounds of conventional schools of human understanding and thought and may be a source of identity problems for her at the outset. It is not easy for her to recognize herself in any social or narcissistic models or identify with any existing roles or attitudes, so she sometimes finds herself forced to construct and assert her own identity on a basis which may impress others with its intensity, if not its eccentricity.

Lively and expressive, Brynny has a personality which is sometimes agitated but straightforward. Unconscious feelings of insecurity compel Brynny to act and sometimes to seek the admiration of others. As a result, Brynny is unable to bear idleness and routine, and Brynny is in search of perpetual excitement. Brynny's reactions to others are highly individual and depend on the mood Brynny is in at any given moment. A person of decision, a businessperson or an athlete, Brynny often personifies boldness and impetuosity. Brynny's love life is liable to be fiery, as it obeys the imperatives of Brynny's desire for freedom and independence, and Brynny's need for change.

You are emotional and reactive, tending to become overly emotional and dependent quickly when your sensitivity is touched. Although you believe that independence, freedom, and self-sufficiency are fundamental values, you may be frustrated by your need to rely on your family or friends. Additionally, you may not always grant the freedom of others the same respect you give to yourself. Likewise, you may be angered by expressions of maternal tenderness, as if you feared that it would doom you to dependency. Your ambivalent behavior, with jagged edges, may be traced back to your relationship with your mother or a mother figure. Although you were dependent on them, they may have rejected you. Now this attitude is extended to any situation in which your sensitivity comes into play and emotional bonds are liable to form. To avoid being dependent, you may sometimes become destructive. Based on denial, your reactions might be fierce, impulsive, excessive, erratic, or contradictory.

Brynny has trouble distinguishing dreams from reality. Although her bubbling imagination provides an abundant source of inspiration for creative or spiritual evolution, she tends to be less helpful and positive in matters that concern her self-assertion as responsible and self-sufficient. In a relationship, Brynny is extremely romantic and does not always see others the way they really are.

Brynny's personality is dominated by love and affectivity. She is subject to love at first sight, and her gallant heart sometimes leaps forth impulsively; her sensitivity is lively and powerful. Amorous rivalries and conquests may be a recurring theme throughout her life.

Brynny's birth chart indicates an emotional function which is expressed in a direct and fairly impulsive way. She enjoys reaching out to other people and making discoveries. An eternal teenager with her gaze riveted on the future, Brynny is imbued with an eminently subjective and personal idealism.

In Brynny's mind, disorder and illusion mingle. Nevertheless, she has a great capacity for devotion. Somewhat exalted, she will rush into wild dreams or throw herself into love with a fury. If she doesn't appeal to her reason, she will err just as radically and find herself married to a good-for-nothing or disappointing person. She is more likely to be married happily with someone who has artistic or spiritual tendencies.

Brynny has a tendency to be somewhat erratic about love, which often results in errors. This is attributed to her passive and idealizing nature, which often leads to her dreaming and procrastinating. She often finds herself with a bold, aggressive, and sometimes authoritarian partner, which is not her ideal.

Brynny may be characterized by strong sensual and affectionate urges which drive her to seek pleasure. Her need for romantic fulfillment may compel her to marry, because she also seeks the legal and social legitimacy the institution of marriage confers on an emotional bond. Indeed, the household is liable to be prosperous and even opulent, as if this offered further evidence that she had indeed achieved success. However, privately, she might be less committed to certain obligations and duties. At worst, she might deny the commitments that her optimism and expansiveness made her rush into too soon. If this were to be the case, the outward image of the couple's success (wealth and comfort, etc.) would only be a façade which compensated for its emotional impoverishment and failure. Sooner or later, this hypocrisy might provoke a full-blown conflict. A second possibility is that a psychic incompatibility may gradually take root, pitting her romantic nature against the prerogatives of her career.

Brynny is a flexible individual with progressive, inventive, and sometimes utopian ideas. They usually relate to human or social problems. Brynny always strives to be in the vanguard, creating a better world for the future.

Brynny expresses her thoughts and ideas in direct, spontaneous outbursts. She is fairly extroverted and eager to discover and understand the outer world. An idealist, she looks forward to a bright future but is sometimes subjective and reckless.

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