What’s Bryce James’s Dominant Astrological Sign?

Bryce James looked out the window of the spacecraft and saw the moon grow larger and larger until it was a bright disk against the black sky. He had been on this journey for weeks and he still couldn't believe he was there. He had flown to the moon on a mission to collect samples and bring them back to Earth. He was the first person to ever walk on the moon. He was the first human to set foot on the moon.
As the spacecraft neared the moon, Bryce could see the surface of the moon. It was a gray and barren landscape. He could see the dark shadows of the mountains and the wide valleys. He could see the tracks of the astronauts who had been there before him. He could see the crater where Apollo 11 had landed.
Bryce took a bag full of samples and climbed out of the spacecraft. He walked down the ramp and onto the surface of the moon. He could feel the cold, lunar dust on his skin. He could feel the weight of the bag in his hand. He could feel the warmth of the sun on his face. He was the first human to set foot on the moon.

From the dawn of humanity, the sun has been worshipped. It has symbolized the absolute power kings and despots yearn for and emulate. The sun king, the nucleus of society, embodied a principle of cohesion and harmony. Various subordinates—aka planets—revolved around it. In terms of psychological symbolism, the sun corresponds to the center of an individual, the factor that rules your psyche. Its luminous aspects are usually associated with knowledge and consciousness. As a creator of life, it is related to the image of the mother and the influence of motherhood on an individual's consciousness and ideals. As a result, the sun's position in a birth chart always indicates the way in which an individual will relate to your goals and ideals, what your ambitions and aspirations might involve. A person whose chart is strongly “solar” usually identifies very positively with motherhood. Your personality is friendly, energetic, and creative, with high ideals and a firm determination to accomplish them. You take your own superiority and authority over others for granted, and you have a natural ability to command the attention and admiration of an audience. You are a born leader who enjoys being in the limelight and may behave somewhat theatrically or with dramatic exaggeration. You have definite artistic leanings. The sense of your ideals is evident to you and may lead you to be somewhat self-focused. If ill-directed, your deep aspirations may lead to such faults as egotism, selfishness, or greediness for power.

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