What is Bryanboy’s Personality Type?

You live in the present, immediately obeying your impulses. You are guided by a fire burning within you. You rarely heed the warnings of reflection and reason; instead, you listen to your instincts, as if your unconscious were perpetually emerging. This is the source of your spontaneity and passion. Because you are continually being born, you champion all phenomena that symbolize birth: breaking ground, beginning, clearing. You have little interest in pursuing the new ideas you brought into being, because your inner fire is always urging you to move on quickly to the next innovation. You are not a good manager. You are straightforward. When you commit yourself, you do so with mind, body, and soul. Restraint and moderation are concepts which are totally foreign to you, because you live by the fullness of your instinct, the force of your desire. Due to your energetic temperament, your determination immediately invents the action necessary to fulfill your desires. It goes without saying that your attitude engenders certain risks. Sometimes your impetuousness, or a lack of maturity or patience, or a keen appetite for experience leads you into a blind alley. But risk is a part of your life. Since your fervor is immune to calculation, second thoughts, and cunning, you have no fear. You are the type of hero whose courageous deeds are difficult to distinguish from acts of bravado or of sheer foolhardiness. Your top priority is to take action, immediately. Delay is torture to you. You are in a hurry to live, to take your urges and impulses to their ultimate conclusion, even though your lack of forethought may actually make your goal take longer to accomplish. You rarely evaluate obstacles objectively: instead, you dash into the fray, bristling with determination, oblivious to the size or scope of the difficulties. You ride home triumphantly, whether you have battered your head against a brick wall or met no resistance whatsoever. But you have a true hero’s courage and vitality. You are undaunted by challenges and real danger, to the surprise of outside observers. Like everyone, you sometimes experience failure. But you rarely despair or become overly discouraged by it; it never overcomes your. You don't see it as a tragedy; you just figure you missed that time, but next time, you won't. In fact, you’ll muster even more strength and power for the next attack, since you are convinced you can succeed. You sometimes have problems finishing something you have started. Once the glamour of the initial

Bryanboy thrives on relating to other people. He cannot live without love!

Bryanboy's personality develops mainly in the shelter of the home. He is attached to his family, his heritage, and his past.

According to your birth chart, your rising sign is Cancer, and the sun is currently in the sign of Aries. This means that you are influenced by the qualities of the Ram. Some of the key words that describe you are: individualism, imagination, vitality, passion, eccentricity, pugnacity, thrift, and enterprise. You may be prone to displaying contradictory behavior, as indicated by the words sensitivity, individualism, imagination, and obstinacy. However, after you have dealt with the extremes of these qualities, you may reach a state of inner balance.

Born on the third day after the full moon rose, you are said to have a “lunar type” personality configuration, characterized by objective, rational, and lucid thinking. However, because the full moon is opposite the sun at the time of your birth, your idealistic tendencies are balanced by a more practical and social orientation. Because the moon's natural forces pull you in two opposite directions – one towards dreams, the other towards reality – you may experience some inner contradictions that are causing practical and social difficulties for you. At times, you are too demanding of yourself or others, comparing them to an idealized state, whereas at other times you are too nonchalant and indulgent about life. You vacillate between two poles: one is elitist, the other earthy and perhaps vulgar. The result is a multifaceted self. Generally speaking, your monthly energy flow is strongest during the time of the full moon. You would be wise to schedule intensive work phases at that time, as well as ambitious and demanding projects.

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