What is BruceDropEmOff’s Personality Type?

BruceDropEmOff is a person who is very sociable and loves to mingle with others. They have a strong desire to be part of a group and to be accepted by them. They also have a strong need for emotional connection and can be very vulnerable when it comes to love.

Bruce DropEmOff yearns for a purpose in life, even faraway or abstract.

BruceDropEmOff has a strong personality; he is sometimes a little self-centered. His fate is in his own hands!

Bruce Drop Em Off was born under the sign of Scorpio, in the sun's transit through Libra. A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide his personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of his character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:Pugnacity – Sociability – Charisma – Adaptability – Dignity – Emotionality – Shrewdness – Tolerance – Concentration – Peaceful disposition – Optimism – Sense of harmony – Common sense – Worldliness. Bruce is alternately forgiving and fastidious, cooperative and individualistic, friendly and opportunistic. Ambitious and somewhat conspiratorial, he has a certain taste for power. However, he is a stubborn and hard worker. The fact that his dignity is easily wounded sometimes causes conflicts in his work environment. He is also capable of forgiveness and deep human understanding, but his sense of values and truth always overwhelms any sentimental tendencies he may have. Intellectually, his skills for analysis and discernment allied with an innate sense of proportion and balance could take him far in almost any field if he learns how to sustain them with application and hard work.

Born in the seven to ten days after the full moon rose, BruceDropEmOff is of the “last quarter” lunar type. As a result, your personality is fairly independent and self-sufficient. Your ideas are original and often bold, but, to your dismay, do not often garner a majority of followers. Your sense of humor is your best communications tool, but you often switch to a more severe tone which breaks your charm over your audience, and your methods do not always please the masses. Your lack of flexibility hinders your strategies and projects, and you would gain by developing your sense of diplomacy and tact. Although you are not unduly attached to success, because you are so used to being ahead of your time, your failures take a psychological toll on you. Because each setback wears you down a little more, you should try to avoid further disappointments by conforming to contemporary reality a little more closely.

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