What’s Brent Kutzle’s Dominant Astrological Sign?

The god of war, Mars, is associated with the element fire, the color red, and the taste of bitterness. It is also associated with declared enemies or adversaries. Mars morphology is typically virile, angular, and athletic and corresponds to aggressive, domineering, masculine behavior. Likewise, Mars is usually associated with rage, its resultant brutality, and male destructiveness and domination. Psychologically, Mars figures in any situation of conflict, opposition, and confrontation. Individuals who are greatly influenced by Mars are typically direct and straightforward–either unabashedly extroverted or furiously introverted. They are extremely active and extremely emotive. Their purpose in life seems to be inextricably mingled with a combat against an unacceptable situation, a challenge which they either issue or are forced to accept.

You are standing in front of the mirror, looking at yourself. The reflection in the mirror is blurry, as if you’re not looking at yourself directly, but through a filter. You can see the outline of your body, but everything else is distorted. You feel a power surge within you, as if something is urging you to take action.

Brent Kutzle

Brent Kutzle, under the influence of Venus, is a magnet for others and a creator and artistic genius who seems to imbue all he touches with beauty and harmony. His artistic skills are obvious to the people around him and may be applied to career endeavors. Pleasure, outings, seduction, love, and a thriving but sometimes superficial social life are the hallmarks of his life.

The tenth house is an area of the sky which is especially important to your theme. In the following paragraph, we shall explain the general meaning of this fact.

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