What kind of person is Brandon Routh?

Brandon Routh seeks to make his inner wealth outwardly manifest and substantial.

Brandon Routh is relatively extroverted, leading a life which is open to the outside world. His personal consciousness is forged by the heat of outer events. He is inclined to adopt the most objective viewpoint possible to be pragmatic and perhaps even materialistic.

Brandon Routh does not identify himself with social affairs. While he contributes to important social causes or collective ideals, he tends to keep his individual identity intact. For this reason, although he may become personally involved in social affairs, he is likely to resist any project he will be unable to lead himself, according to the direction of others. He tends to identify himself with an activity with social implications and attempt to know himself through this activity.

Brandon Routh is ambitious and has a natural tendency to better himself socially and intellectually. His ideas and aspirations are grandiose, and he will be eager to share them with others. Although he is kind-hearted, Brandon enjoys being in control of situations. He derives great fulfillment from the role of the protector and will surround himself with people who need him. He is eager to obtain recognition and honor, but extremely fearful of disgrace. His visions derive from his ambitions, often aglow with idealism. However, they may be somewhat unrealistic and impractical. Social recognition and esteem are essential to Brandon, and he will demonstrate an amazing ability to achieve the high goals he sets for himself.

Brandon Routh thinks, intuits, and perceives things primarily through his psyche. He is open and curious, optimistic and enthusiastic, and eager to participate in everything happening around him. His affections are lively and spontaneous, but may be more intellectual than sensual. In a partner, Brandon seeks a source of mutual spiritual or artistic inspiration. Light-hearted and perhaps even fickle, Brandon never allows himself to be overcome by outer realities or emotions. In its most exaggerated form, Brandon’s buoyancy borders on indifference.

Brandon Routh is characterized by numerous tensions and contradictions which balance each other out and give him a stable character. In terms of reality, this stability will protect him from frustrations and allow him to achieve success in social and professional circles without putting in too much effort. However, this confidence may also lead him to spread himself too thin and take on too many responsibilities.

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