What kind of person is Ashley Strong?

Ashley Strong’s psyche follows an introverted thrust. She attempts to embody and actualize her ideas and the archetypes she identifies with in her objective life.

Ashley Strong tends to be hesitant to form relationships with others. She is content to work and develop herself alone. She is eager to leave her mark on the world around her and often disregards the help of others. Only by working independently can Ashley Strong achieve her goals.

Ashley Strong tends to keep her individual identity intact while contributing to important social causes or collective ideals. For this reason, although she may become personally involved in social affairs, she is likely to resist any project she will be unable to lead herself according to her own individual direction. Ashley Strong tends to identify herself with an activity with social implications and attempt to know herself through this activity.

You work hard to understand other people’s feelings, but you find it difficult to empathize with them. You understand people’s emotions in a way that is foreign to you, and it may seem like a dangerous world. Becoming more familiar with emotions would only create more problems, so you stick to the comfortable boundaries of your understanding. If you could accept and understand your own emotions, you would have a easier time relating to other people’s feelings. You have a strong desire for emotional independence, and may have trouble seeing other people’s emotional needs. You might even be the first to deny that such needs are real. As a result, your dependency on others is unconscious. Because it is seen as a threat, it is repressed. In fact, you are constantly making timid, half-conscious forays into the emotional world, because your loneliness and fear are so unbearable.

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