What does Anne Vyalitsyna’s astrological guidance say about their future?

If Anne Vyalitsyna wants to improve, she needs to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding her back and preventing her evolution. These could be her preference for illusion, hypersensitivity, emotionalism, lack of self-confidence, and guilt.

Anne Vyalitsyna sometimes finds it difficult to stabilize her life and steer a steady course. She is proud of her intellectual abilities and even tends to overestimate them in a search for recognition and admiration. Yet, at other times, she might seem to scoff at other people’s opinions. At times, she tends to be overwrought and high-strung. She might want to schedule frequent rest periods for herself.

Anne Vyalitsyna is sensitive and sometimes impressionable. This can be a productive and creative factor, but if she does not manage to control her emotionalism, it can also hamper her adaptation to the realities of life. Were that to be the case, her ability to find happiness within herself could gradually cut her off from her environment. She must thus work on detaching herself from her emotions and getting a handle on her sensitivity. Her intuitive ability to perceive other people’s inner energies could predestine her for a socially oriented career. As a caregiver, healer, helper, guide, or advisor, she could succeed in teaching, psychology or psychiatry, or social work.

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