What is Ann Wilson’s Personality Type?

Your personality is adaptable and fluid. You understand and relate to the world around you via the medium of thought and intellect. Memorization, comparison, analysis, and the verbalization of your mental imagery are your favorite activities. You seek to extend your personality by a mental outreach to a myriad of new ideas and factors, becoming acquainted with an ever-increasing variety of facets of human nature. Thus, language and symbolic expression, written or oral, are your primary resources in life, although they are also potential pitfalls. Your eloquence, wit, and verve, your mastery of language, unquestionably give your power over other people (via communication) and things (science and technique). But taken to extremes, this faculty may lead to incoherency. It is thus vital for you to find an outlet for your flow of verbal expression, you must explain, communicate, and speak. If it is dammed up, you will undoubtedly suffer. Your flow of words is the expression of your vital energy, the proof that you are alive and well. If you are forced to be silent, you would be cut off from the bonds that hold you together. A kind of duality or split personality might emerge… remember Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? “They” were a classic case. For all of the above reasons, you are naturally gregarious and sociable. You make friends quickly and easily. Your contacts and networks are important to you, because they enable you to evolve. They are a source of self-fulfillment and identification. Any form of play is also important to you, and only severe depression will deprive you of your playfulness. You sometimes amuse yourself by acting out a variety of roles on the stage of life, just for the fun of it. Your animation and wit give you a talent for improvisation and adaptation. However, adaptability is a two-bladed sword. You are liable to find yourself in a superficial bind, having jettisoned certain important ideas in order to move about more freely. You are also sensitive, but your emotions and feelings are sometimes subject to the scrutiny and censorship of your intellect. Thus, you cannot free yourself to the strength of great passions and energies without idealizing them to a certain degree and giving them intellectual resonance. Wary of your irrational instincts and urges, you tend to control or repress them. But you will do well to learn that the intellect is not omnipotent, especially where instinct is concerned. Inhabiting a complex inner world,

Due to the influence of Virgo rising, your personality is ruled by reason. Your intellectual functions tend to predominate over your emotional or sentimental impulses. Your mind, which is analytical and critical, is naturally questioning and skeptical; you have great faith in rational positivism and strive to be pragmatic. You have a considerable potential for accomplishment. Although others generally appreciate your conscientious, scrupulous conduct, your devotion to others and realism, they might be critical of your meek behavior and tendency to overthink. Indeed, you are so meticulous that you often “cannot see the forest for the trees” and may fret and worry unnecessarily over tiny details. You can even be cerebral about your emotions, and you might hesitate to give them free expression. Actually, you could be burdened by a strong feeling of anxiety which causes you to counteract your instinctive urges. You might struggle with pessimism and a reluctance to trust others or yourself. You have a strong desire for self-improvement and transformation. Characteristically, you think some sort of conscious action could result in change. The key lies in learning to accept your emotions and subjectivity. It will be a challenge, but with the help of time and maturity, you are likely to succeed. The latter part of your life should be even happier and more fulfilling.

Ann Wilson needs movement. She is a talented communicator.

Ann Wilson tends to live in an imaginary world; the distant and abstract sometimes interests her more than what is right at hand and realistic.

You were born under the sign of Virgo (the Virgin), when the sun was in the sign of Gemini (The Twins). Based on the clues mentioned above, your personality profile suggests that you are a person who is modest, needs contact, is analytical, has mental agitation, is strict in logic, is playful, is detail-oriented, is dilettantish, is perfectionistic, is immature, is anxious and worried, is prone to communication problems, is nervous, and has inner duality. The key words that best capture your character and show the contradictions in your personality are “need for movement in change”, “quick and mercurial personality”, “intelligence and rapid understanding”, “concentration”, “learn to prevent outside influences from distracting you”, and “increased attention to method and organization”. Progressing towards self-improvement will require you to develop these abilities: concentration, learning to prevent distractions, and improved methodicalness.

Ann Wilson was born on the crescent moon three and a half to seven days after the new moon. She is said to be a “soli-lunar” lunar type, which indicates that she may need to make an effort to free herself from the past. Something related to her childhood, parents, or ancestors is holding her back, impairing her effectiveness and could stand to be overcome. Due to her past, Ann refuses tried-and-true models, is always fighting to justify her innovative viewpoints, and tends to break away from tradition. She is hardly ever aware that she is making career and lifestyle choices which are based on an urge to modify her relationship to society, and the rigid standards and models from the past.

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