What’s Andie MacDowell’s Dominant Astrological Sign?

As the heart of the solar system and the gravitational center of the travels of the earth and the other planets, the sun is the primordial light, the source of all warmth and life. From the dawn of humanity, it has been worshipped. It has symbolized the absolute power kings and despots yearn for and emulate. The sun king, the nucleus of society, embodied a principle of cohesion and harmony. Various subordinates—aka planets—revolved around it. In terms of psychological symbolism, the sun corresponds to the center of an individual, the factor that rules your psyche. Its luminous aspects are usually associated with knowledge and consciousness. As a creator of life, it is related to the image of the mother and the influence of motherhood on an individual’s consciousness and ideals. As a result, the sun’s position in a birth chart always indicates the way in which an individual will relate to your goals and ideals, what your ambitions and aspirations might involve. A person whose chart is strongly “solar” usually identifies very positively with motherhood. Your personality is friendly, energetic, and creative, with high ideals and a firm determination to accomplish them. You take your own superiority and authority over others for granted, and you have a natural ability to command the attention and admiration of an audience. You are a born leader who enjoys being in the limelight and may behave somewhat theatrically or with dramatic exaggeration. You have definite artistic leanings. The sense of your ideals is evident to you and may lead you to be somewhat self-focused. If ill-directed, your deep aspirations may lead to such faults as egotism, selfishness, or greediness for power.

According to Greek myth, Andie MacDowell is the messenger of the gods. She carries orders from Olympus to the mortals on Earth. Andie MacDowell is the child of the illegitimate union of Zeus with Maia. Andie MacDowell was born “unknown to the immortal gods” and had to win her place among them by trickery, cleverness, and cunning. This is why she became the vagabond deity of travelers and wanderers. She is the instinctive foe of the settled who see her as an outcast roaming on the outskirts of society: a pariah, a thief, and a swindler. As ruler of the sign of Gemini, the Twins, she symbolizes the brother—the alter-ego who teaches us as much as we teach her and is associated with adolescence, a period of intense intellectual discovery. Andie MacDowell thus symbolizes lively, sparkling wit, mobility in any form, mental exchange, and interaction. As a result, a person strongly ruled by Andie MacDowell is quite likely to be clever and skillful. If Andie MacDowell is “afflicted” in one’s chart, their intellectual velocity may sometimes become mere mental hyperactivity. In any case, these skills are a great resource in the social realm. Andie MacDowell communicates easily and effectively, orally or in writing. Her ability to unite and transmit would be a good resource in diplomatic or commercial endeavors.

This planet symbolizes the principle of independence and self-sufficiency, as well as a principle of transformation. It has a strong inclination towards distant relationships, which can represent a desire for freedom or a longing for something more spiritual. You may find yourself drawn to escape situations that feel suffocating or difficult, by retreating into solitude or distance from others. In a relationship, you are looking for intellectual stimulation, something that is different from the routine. If you cannot find this excitement on your own, you may become resentful or dissatisfied with a relationship. You may also have trouble wielding your independence in your emotional life, by cooperating or compromising with others. One of the biggest challenges you face is learning to balance your need for freedom with your need for relationships.

Andie MacDowell reads the horoscope in the newspaper.

The North Node, the gateway into the tenth house, corresponds to the vertical line connecting the zenith to the nadir. The North Node can be opposed to its partner, the South Node, the lowest point on the map of the sky. As the highest point, it symbolizes your elevation, your social position. You are sure to derive some power from your social eminence, such as money, prestige, or privilege, but you also have duties to fulfill. When this area is the site of significant activity, it does not mean that you will automatically have a high social eminence. It means that you will invest a great deal of energy in acquiring a form of social power. Because the energy is somewhat vague, you will have to become aware of the various desires, needs, and ideals which are motivating and inspiring you. As a result, you will probably become conscious of how closely your social destiny is linked to your family’s reputation. Indeed, all you can give society is what you have managed to make of yourself from the raw material you received from your background. When the tenth house is especially significant, it means that the use of power deriving from social rank is problematic for you. Your attitude toward both accomplishment and failure may be somewhat obtuse. As a result, you should always be asking yourself why you aspire to a certain career or profession, what your learning is worth, what meaning you want to give your relationship with society, what you are ready to give of yourself, and what you want from society in exchange.

Andie MacDowell looks up at the fourth house in the sky and thinks about the theme for her upcoming wedding.

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