What kind of person is Anastasia Romanova?

Anastasia Romanova seeks to make her inner wealth outwardly manifest and substantial.

Anastasia Romanova tries to stay away from other people, because she is selfish and wants to do things on her own. She is very independent and doesn’t want anyone to help her. She is always trying to do things on her own, and it is hard for her to work with others.

Anastasia Romanova’s uppermost concern is her personal, subjective interest. Because the development of her personal identity requires great individual freedom of action, she tries to free herself from outer restraints and limitations. Psychologically self-centered, she remains fairly detached from the social world. She reduces such commitments to the strict minimum. Individualistic and egocentric, she derives her feelings of inner security from her ability to command her will and handle her personal involvements freely and openly.

Anastasia Romanova regards family as deeply meaningful. She is attached to her childhood memories and the knowledge associated with them. Mentally, she is a seeker and a questioner who enjoys solving the mysteries of life. Heritage, tradition, and the origins of her family and ancestry might become hobbies or even a profession. She is very conscious of the legacy she has received from her forebears and is eager to enrich it.

Anastasia Romanova approaches life pragmatically. She bases her judgements on past experience and is prone to skepticism. A hard worker, she takes pride in her own endeavors and has a personal concept of her productivity. Her possessions help her assert herself as an individual and act as an antidote to any feelings of insecurity. As a result, material accomplishments may preoccupy her more than either love as a passion or intellectual or philosophical considerations. Nevertheless, she becomes attached to anything which offers her certainty.

Anastasia Romanova is characterized by a stable character due to the recurrent tensions and contradictions in her astral theme. This protects her from frustrations and allows her to achieve success socially and professionally without much effort. However, she must be careful not to take on too many responsibilities and maintain her confidence in her ability to accomplish things.

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