What is Alyssa Bethke’s Personality Type?

Alyssa Bethke has an ideal which has a great influence on her psychology. She is determined to preserve her integrity and purity, even though she may not be aware of it. She is often preoccupied by this predicament, and has developed a solution: she elaborates a fairly strict code of behavior and tries to obey it as much as possible. The path that she walks in life is straight and narrow. She yearns for a life that would reflect the ideal she has set for herself, as free as possible from irrational mysteries and human failings. In fact, although she may sometimes seem a bit rigid, a bit lacking in perspective, it is because her mind understands the macrocosm through the microcosm, and she must observe the completed system before she will form her opinion. She is especially good at sorting and choosing, because her mind is like a filter. It rejects the impurities and only accepts the pure and useful. Analysis, deductive reasoning, and a sense of experimentation are her qualities. She possesses great meticulousness and precision which make her a quick and efficient worker. However, she may rely too strongly on her analytical faculties, to the detriment of an overall perception of reality. She likes purity and therefore justice. Thus, she is sensitive to human suffering, especially as a result of social injustice, and she will try to remedy the situation according to what she has learned. Once again, the overriding themes of her personality emerge. She wants to preserve an ideal, avoid deterioration, change, adulteration. She is offended by imperfection and try to find ways to correct it. She is eager to help, to be useful, to serve a great cause, but she sometimes does not know whom or what she seeks to serve. Whatever purpose she adopts, she must learn to help without surrendering herself entirely; she tends to try to disappear into the background of a hierarchy. She is sometimes attracted by readymade systems, which soothe a certain anxiety she has. She wouldn’t mind devoting herself to a state, a big corporation, or a dogma. It would be reasonable and satisfying. But she sometimes forgets to rebel a bit – to evaluate whether the end justifies the means. She is reassured by predictability. When she commits herself, she wants to know exactly where she is bound and how. This may be a bit of an obstacle to her love life. She tends to keep a tight rein on her urges, to inhibit her emotions. She would not want them to upset her carefully organized existence,

Due to the influence of Scorpio rising, you have a powerful, forthright, passionate nature with a penchant for possessiveness, be it material, mental, or spiritual. Your own mind proceeds from a fairly skeptical, steadfast, realistic viewpoint, but you are curious about and critical of different ideas. You tend to reject any outside authority. You feel perfectly capable of making your own decisions and can easily sweet-talk people into letting you have your own way. Your personality also gives you the potential to be a gifted investigator and diagnostician in any field. Your skills include detecting and uncovering the hidden aspects of people and things. Your other natural resources are your rigid and unilateral determination, your capacity for self-control, and the stubbornness and energy with which you overcome obstacles. It is important for you to channel your energy into structured activities, or you may become dissipated. Sports or physical exercise will also be beneficial to your well-being.

Alyssa Bethke is highly aware of psychological, metaphysical, or mystical questions. The future may hold a complete psychological metamorphosis in store for her.

Alyssa Bethke has a somewhat secretive personality; she is tempted if not compelled to live a somewhat withdrawn life.

At the time of your birth, your rising sign was located in Scorpio (the Scorpion), while the sun was passing through the sign of Virgo (the Virgin). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide your personality profile. You are a highly intelligent and analytical person, with a keen sense of observation and a discerning mind. You are a very competitive person, and are highly driven to achieve success in both personal and professional life. You are also very nervy and tend to worry a lot, which can lead to tensions with others.

Alyssa Bethke was born on the night of a full moon. She has a personality that is apt to communicate and transmit ideas, and throughout her life she will be attracted to the idea of acting as a spokesperson for a cause, idea, or person whose message seems essential to her. She will have to develop her powers of discernment to determine which subjects or people are really worth her personal commitment.

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