Virgo Weaknesses

While Virgos may think that they are “perfectly perfect in every way,” they do have a few things they can improve on.

  • High Strung
  • Martyrs
  • Critical
  • Know-It-All
  • Cold


High Strung: Whoa, boy, Virgo is sure is a worrier. Anything—real or imaginary—can lead them into a state of pure panic. As hypochondriacs, they’ll Google symptoms until they convince themselves that they’re actually sick. Thanks to Mercury as their planetary ruler, Virgos have a lot of nervous energy. And when it’s not channeled properly, it can lead them to spiral into anxiety.

Martyrs: Because this zodiac sign works so hard and is so willing to drop everything for others, Virgos can become self-sacrificing. If Virgo does not receive the proper amount of thanks or praise, they’ll start to feel resentful—even if they volunteered in the first place.

Critical: Because of their perfectionism and their keen eye for details, Virgos are very critical. They see the flaws in everything. Ultimately, this zodiac sign needs to remember that no one is perfect and that their best is good enough.

Know-It-All: Virgos are at their happiest when someone tells them that they were right. “I told you so,” is a common phrase in their vocabulary. It’s not that a Virgo needs to be right all the time—they would argue that it just happens to work out that way. This smart-aleck attitude can get very annoying for anyone talking to Virgo.

Cold: Practical, logical, and painfully shy, Virgo has a reputation of appearing cold and uninterested—as they’re more concerned with data and facts than actual emotions. It’s true that Virgos do not wear their heart on their sleeve and are skeptical of strangers.

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