Virgo Symbol

Know any perfectionists? They might be Virgos! Earth sign Virgo is a logical zodiac sign driven by common sense. At surface level it might not feel like it easily links to its symbol and glyph, the discriminating Virgin, but think of it this way: As grounded perfectionists who prefer to live clean, organized, and healthy lifestyles, the service-oriented Virgin is actually a very fitting symbol for purist Virgo.

Virgos, who are ruled by communication planet Mercury, are analytical people who have strong attention to detail. They love to plan things out, and are big into cleaning, organizing, recycling, and so much more. Their routines are extremely important to them, but as a mutable sign they are open to suggestions as long as they’re given time to think about things first.

Along those same lines, Virgins are thought to be naturally mindful of the line between right and wrong—another typical Virgo trait. Virgos are also thought to be discriminating, introspective, and innocent—all Virgo traits represented by the humble Virgin, making them the perfect match for each other.

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