Virgo Strengths

While Virgos have many great traits, here are some strengths that define Virgo when they are at their best.

  • Helpful
  • Hard-working
  • Kind
  • Skillful
  • Responsible 


Helpful: Being service-oriented, Virgo lives to help others. They’ll happily go out of their way to help someone in need. Virgos hate feeling idle and love knowing that they are contributing to making someone else’s life a little easier. Ultimately, service is their love language.

Hard-Working: As one of the hardest working zodiac signs, Virgos need to work to feel productive and useful. This zodiac sign never does anything halfway and has the drive and ambition to put in the effort to achieve any goal.

Kind: Virgos get a bad reputation for being overly critical and judgmental, but that’s just their hard, outer shell speaking. Beneath the surface, Virgos are incredibly kind, compassionate, and have the warmest hearts. They are sensitive to the pains of others—making them quite empathic.

Skillful: Being equal parts logical and creative, Virgo has a knack for developing a variety of skills and talents. Once they put their curious mind into learning something, they will study and practice it until they can do it perfectly.

Responsible: Virgo has this “adulting” thing on lock. Even as kids, Virgos acted like “mini adults”—always doing their chores, handing in their homework on time, and taking care of themselves. As an adult, Virgo is both trustworthy and dependable.

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