Virgo Sex

Just because Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin does not mean Virgo is a prude who doesn’t enjoy sex. Virgo is a sensual sign who loves making love. They’re just highly selective about who they sleep with. You generally won’t usually see Virgo engaging in one-night stands. Virgos know they’re a great lay, but they need a person to prove themselves worthy of their loving in order to get them into bed. But they are worth the wait.

Like in all areas of their lives, Virgo is eager to please in the bedroom. They get off when their lover gets off. Virgo has a praise kink and wants to be told how amazing they are in bed. Virgo has an excellent memory and pays attention to every single detail. If they notice you moan or shutter when they touch you a certain way, they’ll save that knowledge for later. Curious and eager to learn, Virgo jumps at the chance to try new sex positions or kinks. They are very open to experimenting—as long as everyone takes a long shower after.

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