How to Seduce a Virgo

Symbolized as the Virgin, people may believe that Virgo is untouchable and reserved. So cold even that they are impossible to seduce. But that is not true. Virgos aren’t prudish, they are just highly selective. They aren’t going to give their heart and body to just anyone. Virgos needs to be courted, wooed, and be shown that you can meet their high standards. The best way to win a Virgo over is by not coming off too strong. They aren’t that into big emotions or flamboyant displays of being hit on, as that makes them uncomfortable. You got to play it cool.

You don’t want to be too obvious because Virgo will get bored, but don’t play mind games—Virgo can see right through them. Flirt with Virgos using witty banter, as they are quick-witted and love a challenge. If you can keep up with them, they’ll be impressed. Reveal how smart and passionate you are about one of your own areas of expertise. Virgos love to learn and will listen with interest to someone who explains something they don’t know.

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