Virgo Rising

Witty, quiet, organized, and always overthinking, Virgo rising people (or Virgo ascendants), are generally rather reserved when you first meet them. There is a shyness to their personality that stems from a fear of doing or saying something wrong. Forever perfectionists, this rising sign prefers to act with precision and predict an anticipated result. (It’s safe to say surprises aren’t their thing.) This is a rising sign that lives in his or her head—analyzing situations and people meticulously before feeling comfortable enough to open up.

In astrology, Virgo rules the sixth house of health, work, wellness, and routine. A lot of Virgo risings are naturally health conscious, and sometimes to a fault. This can be a rising sign that strives for perfection in their bodies and can suffer from body dysmorphia. That sixth house energy can also manifest as a work-a-holic obsession. Virgo risings are no strangers to hard work and a detail-oriented mindset. Virgo rising people can oftentimes find that they love to get lost in their work.

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