Virgo Planet

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This planet was named after the Roman god of communication and commerce. In astrology, our Mercury placement determines how we express ourselves and interpret information.

We can see Mercury’s influence on Virgo when we focus on their analytical nature. Their mind is as sharp as a blade—and just as quick! Virgos are born problem-solvers, using their precision and cool logic to do so. People flock to Virgos because they give the best advice, and Virgos love it when people take their advice and it works. There are few things that Virgo enjoys more than being proven right. They enjoy helping others and want to use their communication and reasoning skills to do so.

We also see Mercury’s influence in this zodiac sign’s adaptability. They can easily move through social circles and blend in. Virgos can take in a lot of new information very quickly, understand it, and then communicate it in a way that makes sense for others.

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