Virgo Love Compatibility

While all zodiac signs matches have the ability to make it work, some romances are just written in the cosmos. Here are the best matches for Virgo.

Taurus: Virgo and Taurus have a very “old married couple” vibe about them. Being of the same element (earth), they share a lot of the same values and personality traits. So, they understand each other better than most. They’re both homebodies, practical, and grounded.

Scorpio: At first glance, no one would think to pair the sexual, seductive Scorpio with the shy, reserved, “Like a Virgin” Virgo. However, its Scorpio’s intense passion that brings Virgo out of their shell. Scorpio’s imagination and visions balance Virgo’s logical and analytical nature. Both are also highly observant.

Capricorn: Power couple alert! When these two earth signs get together, there’s nothing that they can’t achieve—in both business and in pleasure. Both Virgo and Capricorn are diligent, disciplined, and feel they have a higher calling. They each possess a “change the world” vibe that attracts the two in the first place.

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