Virgo Body Parts

Virgo rules the nervous system and the intestines. Similar to how the intestines take in and digest food for energy, Virgos take in information, break it down, and turn it into something useful. Because Virgos govern the intestines, they tend to pay close attention to what they eat. Virgos are usually picky eaters or may have dietary restrictions like gluten or dairy intolerance. The stomach is an erogenous zone for Virgo. They love having their stomach and waistline gently kissed and licked, even lightly massaged to get them turned on.

Virgos are worriers and when they get stressed out, and the first place they feel it is in their stomach. Stomach pains, gas, diarrhea, or constipation are common when Virgos are in distress. They even become too nervous to eat. In the long run, their digestive problems and nervousness can turn into ulcers. Virgos can become hypochondriacs and will worry over their health so much they’ll make themselves sick.

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