Taurus Symbol

Ruled by romantic Venus, earth sign Taurus is all about love, beauty and money—and they’re extremely stubborn when it comes to getting and keeping those things in their lives! Which is why the steadfast Bull—the sturdy Taurus symbol—suits them perfectly.

Typical Taurus natives are down-to-earth, logical people, but their stubborn streak is the stuff of legend. The Bull, always poised with its head down and horns protruding, is ready to defend the things it’s worked hard to obtain and considers its rightful possessions. Have you ever tried to lead a bull somewhere it doesn’t want to go? Good luck!

The Taurus symbol is fully represented by the head and horns of the Bull and isn’t hard to distinguish from other signs. Much like Taurus, their glyph and symbol are very much “what you see is what you get,” as most Taurus natives are valued and admired for their straightforward natures and sturdiness.

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