Taurus Sex

Taurus is a sensual, physical zodiac sign and sex is deeply important to Taurus and is a key part of their romantic relationships. They aren’t the type of sign to have one-night stands or casual hook-ups with many different people. They prefer to sleep with people that they’re dating, or at least friends with. Like in all aspects of life, Taurus needs to take their time.

Foreplay is a key part of Taurus’ lovemaking style and they usually enjoy foreplay just as much (if not more) than the actual sex itself. They enjoy exploring, feeling, and tasting their lover, seeing what turns them on.  They like to please and be pleased in return, working very hard to make their lover completely satisfied. Taurus enjoys to give and receive massages, and love having their neck kissed, sucked, and have little “love bites” on them.

They also enjoy food as aphrodisiacs and usually get in the mood after eating oysters, chocolate, or strawberries.  Thanks to their natural stamina, Taurus can make love all night without getting tired. Afterward, Taurus enjoys a lot of cuddling, spooning, and maybe ordering some takeout.

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