Taurus Rising

Think you know stubborn? Trying to change a Taurus rising or Taurus ascendant’s mind is like banking on hell freezing over. Even with the most peaceful and people-pleasing placements, like a Libra sun, a Taurus rising knows what they want and isn’t going to budge. Taurus rising people have incredible staying power—their dedication and loyalty are unwavering. Taurus is known as a zodiac sign that seeks commitment, but because commitment is so intertwined with their values, sometimes we find that Taurus rising people are slow to commit. Because once they do, they’re committing for life.

Taurus rising seek comfort and stability—they need assurance about what to expect before taking their next step. While many people might assume that Taurus and Taurus rising are practical people—they’re actually feelers. Rather than leaning into their traditional intuitive side, they are sensitive and can pick up on information through the five physical senses. Comfort matters, so you won’t find Taurus rising dressed in poor quality anything. Taurus rising people are ruled by the planet Venus, which governs love, aesthetics, and values. This is a rising sign that knows how to indulge.

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