Taurus Personality

At first glance, Taurus has a strong, stoic aura about them. A poker face that seems to be tattooed on them. But just like the best kind of chocolates, under that outer shell is a sweet gooey center.  At their best, Taurus natives are cheerful, charming and have a magnetic energy that draws people in. However, while everyone is attracted to Taurus, Taurus only lets a few people into their inner circle. That’s why Taurus puts on a such tough front—to protect themselves from users and energy vampires.

Under their “bullish” front, they are deeply sensitive and easily hurt. To the few people they do let in, Taurus gives 110 percent. They give their time, attention, and affection to their loved ones. Whether it’s giving out great, no-nonsense advice or being a shoulder to cry on. Taurus’ loyalty and trustworthiness proves that they’ll always have your back.

Despite their incredible work ethic and stamina, Taurus is very chill and laid back. They love to unwind after a long day of work and don’t need a lot of stimulation to keep them content. A nice dinner, a glass of wine, a good TV show or book, and you have a happy Taurus. They are one of the few zodiac signs that can Netflix and actually chill. They just love to laugh and relax (though their own sense of humor is very sarcastic). Taurus are easy-going and sweet until they are pushed. Then you’ll see that stubborn side in full force.  When you mess with the Bull, you’ll get the horns.

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