Taurus Moon

What could be more comfortable than a hearty meal and a cozy home? Taurus moon placements are natural homebodies, and that’s because this is a zodiac sign placement that thrives on comfort. The moon is actually exalted when in Taurus, which means it’s operates with its peak potential and feels most comfortable in this sign.

Taurus is all about stability, and the moon rules over our inner worlds and what we require in our lives to make us feel the most safe, secure, and stable. This is a natural pairing. It’s fair to say Taurus moon natives don’t react well to change—their penchant for predictability has this lunar placement easily upset by unpredictability. Creating a safe haven, usually in their home, is incredibly satisfying for these natives.

This moon placement also has a stubborn streak. Their resistance to change can also create a monotonous lifestyle. This isn’t the lunar placement that’s seeking adventure, Taurus moon people are ordering the same exact meal, at the same exact restaurant that they’ve visited every single Sunday night for the past 20 years. As an earth sign, you can think of them as having their ideas and routines firmly planted in the ground.

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