Taurus Love

In the beginning… Taurus is picky when it comes to love and romance. Taurus natives would rather be single for years than waste their time casually dating or being in a string of dead-end relationships. They are serial monogamists. So, if a Taurus agrees to go on a date with you, it’s a big compliment.

When things are going well… This is where we see Taurus’ affectionate, playful, and sensual sides come out. They love having sex and once they are locked into a committed relationship, they want to get physical all the time. Taurus is a love machine who only has eyes for their partner. Taurus is already making plans for a wonderful life with their honey.

When things are on the rocks… Taurus values security above all else. They would never risk a stable relationship, built on a solid foundation just for some fling. Once a Taurus’ trust is broken, they are done forever. A Taurus doesn’t forgive or forget. If their relationship becomes unstable and volatile, a Taurus may leave for the arms of someone more steady, for their own safety.

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