Taurus House

Taurus is ruled by the second house—the house of possessions and value. It is the house of ownership: not just of material objects, but ownerships of abilities, needs, wants, and our inner selves. The second house is a master of its own destiny. The second house also has a special focus on money. When we look at the second house in our individual birth chart, this is where we see our spending habits and our attachments to material goods. The second house focuses on income, personal resources, and value. This is the house that asks us the question: What do you value?

Because Taurus is ruled by the house of possessions, the zodiac sign has a reputation of being materialistic, greedy, and possessive. While it’s true that Taurus have their “mind on their money and money on their mind,” their need for money and possessions is actually fed by the need to feel safe. Money might not be able to buy happiness, but for Taurus, money can buy stability. They can control their destiny if they can control their financial situation.

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