Taurus Career Weaknesses

Slow: The one thing you can never do is rush a Taurus. They have their own sense of time that moves slower than ours. Taurus prefer to take their time on their work because they’re meticulous by nature.

Resistant to Change: Taurus prefer stability to innovation and are resistant to change. They’d rather do the “tried and true” method than even consider another option.

Uncompromising: While Taurus is excellent at making connections, they do not play well with others who disagree with them. Stubborn to the bone, Taurus can only see one side of any situation: theirs.

Argumentative: Taurus is pretty easy going by nature and it takes a lot to rattle them. However, if you try to do something that a Taurus doesn’t like, prepare to feel the wrath of the Bull.

Demanding: Taurus have excellent management skills and know exactly how to break apart a big idea into smaller parts and assign it to others. However they can be pretty demanding when it comes to their staff or other employees.

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