Taurus Best Careers & Career Advice

Mangers: Bull-headed Taurus aren’t great at taking orders, but they love giving them—making them the ultimate management material. They are serious and dedicated workers, who want to get a job done right.

Biologist: Meticulous, logical, and an interest in intellectual pursuits, a career as a biologist is perfect for a science-loving Taurus. Their observation skills will be useful as they try to uncover the mysteries of the Earth.

Chef: It’s no secret how Taurus feels about food—and they love nothing more than creating (and eating) the perfect dish.

Interior Designer: Stylish, creative, and excellent taste, Taurus would thrive in the interior design business. They love taking a blank space and seeing how they can build something wonderful.

Investment Banker: Taurus is a natural with money and have a real talent for knowing where to invest it to make it grow tenfold.

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