How Will a Scorpio Dump You?

Scorpios are bold and confident, and if something (or someone) isn’t working for them, they aren’t afraid to get rid of it. This seems harsh to someone whose been in a close or long-term relationship with a Scorpio, but the truth is, most Scorpios don’t dump someone without good reason. So, it’s worth figuring out what you might have done to upset them. (Especially since they might keep the reason close to the vest.)

Scorpios are the king and queen of passive-aggressive behavior, and this is never more evident than while they’re dumping you. Scorpios don’t like drama, either, so if you raise even the smallest bit of protest or start crying, they might escort you to the door even quicker than they had intended. Scorpios don’t want to deal with messy loose ends—they want it to be over and not have to think about it again.

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