Scorpio Love Compatibility

Cancer: A Scorpio and Cancer match super high in love compatibility. When two water signs come together in a love relationship, the foundation will be rooted in deep devotion and loyalty to the other. These two understand each other very well, and can work together as a team to capitalize on the other’s strengths. This union can be long-lasting and intense for both partners. This pairing will feel the “meant to be” aspect of this relationship.

Scorpio: This pairing has the ultimate chance to be the most intense paring of any two zodiac signs. When two fixed water signs get together, there is an intense psychic connection that is based on a deep intuitive understanding of each other. The best qualities of both partners can be enhanced in this relationship. Loyalty, sexual compatibility, and commitment are all important matters to this devoted and emotional sign.

Pisces: When these water signs fall in love—bring on the feels. Scorpio’s fixed sign joining forces with Pisces’ mutable energy is a double whammy of devotion and psychic connection. This type of energy is irresistible to both signs. This is a relationship that often begins with love at first sight and ends in happily ever after. When these two signs’ instincts and intuition point them toward the other—there’s no stopping the love!

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