Sagittarius Tarot Card

Sagittarius is a happy-go-lucky and optimistic—albeit deep, cultured, and philosophical—zodiac sign. Thus, it’s only natural that it should be paired with the equally philosophical Temperance card in the Tarot deck—the sixteenth card in the Major Arcana.

Temperance is generally depicted as an angel who stands by a stream with one foot in the water and one foot on land. The angel holds two cups, pouring water between the both. This is meant to represent the flow of day-to-day life, without too much pressure placed on any one thing. So, it’s not hard to see why fluid Temperance is associated with Sagittarius, one of the most easygoing and impulsive (perhaps even flakey) signs.

The last way we can connect Temperance and Sagittarius is their mutual attention to philosophical pursuits. Like Sagittarius, the angel in the tarot card seeks the ability to keep an open mind before heading off to a new journey in a faraway land.

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