When Is Sagittarius Season?

Sagittarius season is one of fun, free-spirited action and tapping into our most authentic and unique selves.

After a rather intense Scorpio season, which typically has us traveling the depths of our emotions and subconscious, Sagittarius season can feel like a breath of fresh air. It’s exactly what we need to get our party on. Sagittarius knows how to socialize, which means they know how to make any event an instant success and a fun time for all.

Sagittarius season is also a time when we’re asked to examine where we’ve been playing it small. Sagittarius is not one to hold back. If they want it, they go after it. It doesn’t matter the challenge. In fact, the more challenging, the more thirsty they are for it. This is a time when we may get a real good look at the many ways we’ve been playing it safe and letting our dreams fall flat.

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