Sagittarius Finance & Money

Sagittarians have great money mojo thanks to their planetary ruler, Jupiter. They always seem to come up with the cash they need when they need it. This is good because they can spend it like it’s no one’s businesses.

Even when they have a decent job that helps provide a great income, the gap between what comes in and what they spend is often quite large.

The good news is that Jupiter also gives Sagittarius a very optimistic nature. Sag is always in touch with the silver lining of any situation and this optimism helps them stay rooted in the belief that something good is right around the corner. Jupiter helps them manifest what they focus on most so, often, the solution to their issue is quick to arrive.

Ultimately, money is merely a means to an end for this sign. Money represents freedom and gives them access to the ability to roam as they wish. It allows them to travel the world and experience new adventures.

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