Sagittarius Love

In the beginning… The commitment level of a Sagittarius can best be described as “until morning.” As a mutable sign, Sagittarius has a bit of an abrasive attitude when it comes to potential lovers.

Sagittarius has a nasty habit of chasing whatever captures their interest—which means, your date could end and you’d find them talking up someone at the bar as you head out. They’ll congenially wave goodbye and go back to their conversation.

When things are going well… Those who happen to catch feelings will find Sagittarius sympathetic but quite frank about the fact that they don’t “do relationships.” Sagittarius views partnerships as something that will cramp their style. It means having to take into account how another feels. It means having to answer to someone else, and that just won’t do for an independent Sagittarius.

When things are on the rocks… If you try to argue or prove how good the two of you are together, don’t waste your breath. They’ll already be on their way out.

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