How Will a Sagittarius Dump You?

Sagittarius is pretty blunt and to the point—though emotional waters can be a bit tricky for them. Most times they will just tell you they’re not feeling it and suggest that the two of you go your separate ways. They don’t always make a grand display of a breakup. Even if you’ve been together for years, a Sag will just say it’s over and expect you to pack your bags or have theirs packed and already by the door.

They can appear quite callous when they do this typically because, for them, once they say it’s over, it’s over.

While they may come back to grovel, they may also come back to lick their wounds. And because you’ll be so elated that they returned, you’ll feel a sense of comfort, at least for a moment. The issue, if this is the case, is that the likelihood of their doing the same thing to you again is pretty strong.

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