Sagittarius Career Strengths

Sagittarius really has every element needed to succeed in just about any job they put their mind to—however, they do have some special traits.

Resilient: They are super confident and willing to put in the work in to make sure they achieve their goals. Even if their job doesn’t come naturally, they will work themselves into it by trying, again and again.

Charismatic: They will go above and beyond to assist a coworker when they’ve been hit with way too much work or are just feeling challenged with a project.

Compassionate: More than that, they’ll get to know everyone from the person in the cubicle next to them to the person who grabs the trash every day.

Fun: Always looking for a good time, Sagittarius will be the one to get the office together for happy hour, arrange the office holiday parties, and of course, make sure that each birthday is celebrated in the grandest of ways.

Open-Minded: This sign can work well with just about anyone.

Ambitious: And lastly, let’s not underscore the sheer ambition that Sagittarius displays on a daily basis.

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