Pisces Worst Careers

Military: For the most part, Pisces natives are peace-loving, so many of the Two Fish are opposed to the use of weapons and force. While all branches of the military are different, most are looking for recruits with a confident, realistic mental attitude. All of the aforementioned aren’t necessarily dreamy, imaginative Pisces’ strengths.

Lawyer: While Pisces natives have the compassion to work in this profession, they oftentimes lack the assertiveness that’s necessary to be successful. To be a great lawyer, you have to be willing to stand up in court, often in front of a large group of people, and loudly and clearly state your case. This might make most Pisces natives cringe!

Job Recruiter: A recruiter has to act fast in order to get their clients the best gig, and Pisces, well . . . Pisces isn’t the quickest zodiac sign around. Pisces natives like to take their time and think about every possible scenario.

Salesperson: The number one characteristic of a great salesperson is the ability to be outgoing. Let’s be honest: This can oftentimes be the exact opposite of the typical Pisces personality. Pisces natives are often introverts at heart, and really don’t like the idea of having to be “on” all the time.

Straight up, most Pisces natives are just too nice to succeed in positions of power. If they are your boss, you probably love them, because they let you get away with anything! 

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