Pisces Tarot Card

Pisces is typically identified as an emotional and intuitive zodiac sign with very little grasp on reality. Its tarot card, and the eighteenth card in the Major Arcana­—the Moon—is about just that: disconnecting from the everyday, diving into our subconscious thoughts and artistic subtleties.

Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces has unique access to the subconscious mind and is therefore able to sit comfortably in both conscious and subconscious living. Interestingly enough, the Moon Tarot card accurately depicts both sides. Traditionally, the Moon card shows a dog and a wolf howling at the sun and moon—representing the ability to connect with the conscious or controlled (sun/dog) and unconscious or wild (moon/wolf) mind.

Ultimately, the Moon asks what we can learn from alternate and more subconscious perspectives. As one of the last cards in the Major Arcana, it also indicates that we’re coming to a culminating point in our personal karmic journey. Pisces, being the last sign in the zodiac wheel, also symbolizes the end of our life experience.

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