Pisces Breakups

During: When a relationship reaches its breaking point and the only alternative is to go their separate ways, most Pisces will accept the relationship’s fate without too much protest. Remember, Pisces natives don’t like confrontation. Even if they have strong objections to the contrary, they’ll probably keep their true thoughts and feelings to themselves. Well, in the beginning that is. Will there be tears, though? You can count on it.

After the breakup: When Pisces natives are broken up with, their main objective isn’t to deliberately hurt or cause any pain for the other person. That doesn’t mean that Pisces natives will make it excessively easy for a breakup to happen. They can resort to some desperate-seeming antics that are designed to let their soon-to-be ex give them another chance. Pisces natives are very good at playing the victim. They do an excellent “poor me” act.

Long-term: In general, in the long-term Pisces natives wants to be friends with their exes. It’s actually hard for most people to stay mad or upset with Pisces for very long. In general, they’re genuinely sorry for any mistakes they’ve made, and will naturally work themselves back into their exes lives in most cases, even if it’s just as friends.

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