Libra Worst Matches

Libras may be easy to get along with, but that doesn’t mean they’re destined for happiness with everyone in the zodiac. Libra would be wise to avoid romances with:

Taurus: Although they are ruled by the same planet (Venus), for this match there can be such a thing as too much of a good thing. Both Libra and Taurus are captivated by material things, which can each distract them from forming a true and healthy emotional connection.

Cancer: A Cancer-Libra love match can be a messy one. These are both signs that love love and ultimately want to settle down. On a basic level, Cancer feels emotions deeply and needs to feel seen and understood emotionally. But Libra may have trouble truly intuiting their Cancer partner.

Capricorn: Capricorns are intensely practical, and don’t approach love like romantic Libras. They want to know your routines and goals, while a Libra wants to bond over the finer things in life. Unfortunately, it’s next to impossible to sweep a grounded Capricorn off their feet.

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