Libra Worst Careers

Engineering: Too much structure and detail will quickly wear a Libra out. They prefer creativity and flexibility over sticking to a model or design.

Sales: Sure, Libras have the gift of gab that helps a salesperson excel at their jobs. But the central component of sales (i.e. making the deal) is kind of alien to a Libra. They like entertaining all the options and loath the idea of having to convince someone to do something.

Healthcare: Jobs that require quick decision-making on major issues would be significantly stressful for Libras. Their skills are in weighing all the options, but when it comes down to it, they feel uncomfortable choosing one thing—especially one that can’t be undone.

Construction: Libras like to live in their imaginations and would have difficulty coming down to earth for something that requires them to work with their hands on a daily basis.

Statistician:Working exclusively with numbers? Not for a Libra.

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