How to Seduce a Libra

To seduce a Libra, you’ll need to turn on the charm and flex your bank account. Libras love nice things, thanks to their ruling planet Venus, so they’ll be charmed by small (and large) gifts. Anything related to fashion or art is perfect, but even an unexpected bouquet of flowers will do the trick.

Don’t be afraid of big gestures when wooing a Libra. This romantic sign loves a showy display of affection! Bring flowers on the first date, make dinner reservations at a nice restaurant, bring them a piece of art… shoot for the moon and hire a skywriter! Nothing is too over the top for a starry-eyed Libra.

For better or worse, Libras are a very visual sign. Show up to a date in sweatpants at your own risk! Making an effort with your style will go a long way in catching a Libra’s attention. After all, they always show up looking sharp, so you want to match!

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