Libra Numerology

With its connection to Venus, Libra is associated with the number six in numerology. Once you know about Venus and its charms, it’s unsurprising to learn that the number six governs romance, beauty, and love. This is where we find femininity in numerology, with a sweet and unassuming sort of charm.

This is the number assigned to the “caretaker” role, of both the virgin and the matriarch. It carries with it a sense of self-sacrifice and giving away part of yourself to create a greater whole. They hate injustice and inequality—peak Libra values! They are well-liked and well-respected within their communities.

However, the willingness to throw themselves into the fire to preserve someone else can be an issue. People attached to this number are power creators, but they are tasked with investing in their own growth as much as the growth of others. They also need to work on being flexible and comfortable when things don’t match up to their ideals, which can be lofty and difficult to attain in the real world.

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