Libra Love

In the beginning… If you want a sign that’s going to prioritize commitment, you’ll find it in a Libra! This is a sign that’s in it for the long haul, preferring stability and comfort over a whirlwind romance. While they can run the risk of getting carried away by the fantasy, Libras are usually level-headed enough to put in the work to do what it takes for a relationship to last the long haul.

When things are going well…Libras are true romantics and fantasize about riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after with that special someone. But when Libras date, they do it with the intention of finding a serious relationship. Once they are smitten with someone, it won’t take long for a Libra to initiate “the talk.”

When things are on the rocks…In fact, Libras are so into settling down that they can be in danger of committing to unhealthy relationships to avoid being alone. Their commitment to doing the work might just extend the shelf life of a relationship that has expired.

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