Leo Worst Careers

Lots of hard work and very little praise? A career ladder they’re at the bottom of and rules to follow? Sounds like a slow and exhausting nightmare for this sign. Here are the worst jobs a Leo could go for:

Corporate or Office Job: Becoming a big shot on Wall Street may be some people’s idea of a dream job, but not for a Leo. Unless they can come right out of college right at the tippy, tippy top of the corporation ladder, they’re not interested.

Professional Athlete: Leo loves competition, sure. And professional athletes get lots of attention; there is no doubt about it. So, you would think that being one would be right up Leo’s alley. Unfortunately, unless they’re the star athlete on the starting line they’re likely on the sidelines, sulking. If there is a place where the pecking order is even worse than corporate America, it’s professional sports.

First Responder: First responders in the fire or police force are among the greatest, bravest and most selfless individuals in the world. While Leo may fit the bill on a few of these, rest assured that selfless ain’t one of them.

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